Seminar invitation

“Cybersecurity in Localization” on Thursday 25th of January 2018 from 13:00 to 16:00, Helsinki, Pasilan virastotalo, Opastinsilta 12, Pieni auditorio, 2nd floor.

13:00-13:15 Coffee and networking

13:15-13:35 Viestintävirasto/Ficora, Kalle Pikkarainen: Reliable GNSS – not only interference free radio spectrum

13:35-13:45 Academy of Finland’s INSURE project in a nutshell/Heidi Kuusniemi

13:45-14:25 FGI: Improving GNSS Security.
Presenters: Zahidul Bhuiyan, Giorgia Ferrara, Calogero Cristodaro

14:25-15:05 TUT: Improving non-GNSS Security.
Presenters: Helena Leppäkoski, Elena-Simona Lohan

15:05-15:35 University of Helsinki, Computer Science: Design of security and privacy protocols and technologies in localization.
Presenter: Kimmo Järvinen

15:35-15:55 University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law: Localization and privacy.
Presenters: Päivi Korpisaari, Shakila Bu-Pasha

15:55-16:00 Thank you words and INSURE summer school info/ Heidi Kuusniemi

Warmly welcome!
With best regards,
The INSURE project team


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